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Our Clients

Our Clients
At JAG, we maintain a vigorous commitment to delivering matchless service and competitive performance to all of our clients.

Financial Advisors

JAG is well-positioned to help you build the right portfolio for your clients’ investment needs, whether it is through our growth-oriented equity strategy or our value-centric income strategy.

You are assured of easy and convenient access to our portfolio management professionals, as well as the reliable support of our excellent client service team.

Institutions, Non-Profits & Family Offices

Managing a significant portfolio demands the reliability of consistent, disciplined investment approach, focused on risk management, and supported by unfailing client service.

JAG provides all this to our larger institutional clients, along with direct access to our portfolio management professionals.

Individual Investors

Our individual investors have access to our equity and income strategies, each driven by research, characterized by risk management, and supported by superior client service.

In working with affluent investors, we focus on an individual’s full set of financial objectives, including risk profile, time horizon, life event triggers, and style preferences. Our strategies can help many different types of individual achieve their long-range goals.

Client Service

  • Client service team averages 20+ years experience
  • Focused on building a long-term relationships
  • Responsive, reliable and accountable

Client-Centric Approach

  • Useful and timely reporting
  • Informative portfolio review updates/meetings
  • Accessible portfolio management team