Invest with JAG


Proven strategies for growing and preserving capital.

We seek to generate consistentive, sustainable alpha through rigorous research to capitalize on our analytical insights and best ideas.



JAG’s active, bottom-up approach targets compelling price appreciation potential in large-cap growth stocks.

Our research identifies stocks with strong earnings and revenue growth potential. Our process is designed to result in a pure growth portfolio with a large cap bias.



JAG offers two taxable bond strategies that look to maximize total return while mitigating and managing risk.

Our value-centric and research-driven approach identifies opportunities that we believe will provide a dependable source of income and total return.



JAG’s insightful research leads to a differentiated view from consensus, which drives investment decision-making.

Our actively managed portfolios are driven by proprietary research performed by a team of experienced investment professionals.

Client Focus


At JAG, our clients are our most important assets.

We provide superior service and timely communications that meet our clients’ highest expectations.